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Vita Revelli

Vita Revelli

Vita Revelli has been working in the field of Chinese Medicine for 40 years.

She graduated in England in 1982 under the guidance of Prof. J.R. Worsley. Between 1986 and 1988 she studied at the “Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine” (CN) and at the “Sino-Japanese friendship hospital” (CN) where she specialized in TCM gynecology.   In the same period, she studied privately the cosmological basis of Chinese medicine with the Taoist doctor Pan Yiwu.

Vita Revelli also holds a degree in Acupuncture - BSc (Hons) from Kingston University (UK) and another in Chinese Language and Anthropology - BA (Hons) from SOAS - School of Oriental and African Studies (UK).

For over 20 years she travelled to China almost every year to study, research, and accompany her students to attend their clinical practice at the “Chengdu  University of  TCM”.  

Her main area of research is the “Ming Men school” (Ming dynasty) represented by doctors such as Zhao Xianghe, Sun Yihui and Zhang Jingyue.   

Vita Revelli has taught TCM (Acupuncture and Pharmacology) in England, Norway, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria et al. She has participated as a speaker at many TCM congresses, mainly in Europe, but also in China and the United States and has translated from Chinese "A true transmission of Chinese medicine - Yi Li Zhen Duan - scroll IV" by Q.A. Zheng and, together with Y. Seidman, “The long arduous way of learning simple things” in the book “Huai Xuan collection - Liu Yuan - Customary words”.

In 1994 she founded “AOM – Academy of Oriental Medicine” based in Athens (GR) and in 2019  “AOM – International” that provides training in Chinese Medicine both online and on campus with over 700 hours of practice.

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